Arabian Nights

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We LOVE different! And this couple was definitely not looking for your average reception decoration. The theme was Moroccan/Arabian Nights and the Bride & Groom wanted to treat their guests to a visual feast… And boy, did they get one!

To get the eclectic Moroccan-feel, we suggested using a variety of colours, textures, and stage accents. Our Lead Designer’s recent trip to Marrakesh & the Atlas Mountains gave some insight as to the true Moroccan style of decor and architecture. We also created two sets of tall, custom Candle Walls with cubby’s for pillar candles and a mirror backing. The couple chose to sit on a loveseat (vs. a head table), so we sourced a curvy & elegant chair that accented the look of the backdrop. We designed a complex three-dimensional backdrop with lanterns hanging in front of the draping and incorporated beading, sequins, and velvet (among other fabrics) to give a layered, but sophisticated look to the backdrop. We flanked the stage with life-size elephants and placed large lanterns on the guest tables. Empire Entertainment provided the final touches with coloured pinspot lighting inside the venue (Apollo Convention Centre, Mississauga).

From vendor sourcing to guest favours, this reception was planned flawlessly and executed beautifully. Our experienced Event Coordinators looked after all of the big items such as vendor management and building schedules, as well the finer details like seating arrangements & dietary restrictions.

Congratulations to S&S – we’re so honored to have been a part of your big day!

- Dulhan Mandap Team

Images courtesy of Rok Choi Photography