Majestic Temple

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Prepare yourself for the peaceful grandeur of the Rajwadi Mandap. With a Swarovski Crystal trim, 6 unique Ganesh statues carved into each of the 8 grand pillars, and a Plexiglas Roof (!), this is easily one of the most impressive Mandaps in the city. Combine that with the beauty and tranquility of the Swami Narayan Temple (that beautiful structure off Highway 427), and you’ve got yourself a photographer’s paradise!

The natural sunlight from the skylights in the temple’s event space beamed down onto the shapely statues lining the aisle, reducing the need for the videographer & photographer’s lighting equipment. We built a secondary backdrop and incorporated reds and golds with some crystal accents into the predominantly white backdrop. Large lanterns hanging from the Mandap gave another layer of detail for close-ups and wide-angle shots. And life size elephants flanking either side of the stage added to the royal feel of the entire space.

We wish you eternal love & laughter, and we thank you for making us a part of your special day R & M. Congratulations!

- Dulhan Mandap Team

Images courtesy of Boston Images Photography