Purple Magic

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Purple symbolizes magic, spirituality, creativity, dignity, and royalty – and it evokes all of these meanings more so than any other color... What a beautiful choice for a ceremony!

One picturesque July morning, we had the pleasure of using this striking colour to bring out the magic of the couple’s union at the Apollo Convention Centre. Our Crystal Mandap, adorned with Swarovski Crystals and further enhanced by recessed lighting, stood proud in its royal purple dressing and impressed each and every guest that walked through the doors. The expansive aisle way, with Ganesh statues fitted on the matching crystal pedestals, defined the space where the stunning bride would ultimately make her big entrance. The Jaipur Palace Windows, in the side extensions of the mandap, provided a glittering background to some of the angled shots, as the crystals hanging in the lattice work shimmered. The big conversation piece though, amongst all the crystals and colours, was of course, the gorgeous image of Radha & Krishna placed immediately behind the bride & groom. The calming and romantic picture provided the perfect backdrop for the peaceful exchange of vows, and gave a unique touch to the couple’s wedding.

We were so honored to have been included in your ceremony S & S, and we wish you a lifetime of joyous memories!

- Dulhan Mandap Team

Some images courtesy of Dave Abreu Photography