Sheer Elegance

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The sun is out, birds are singing, and we’re doing bright ceremonies using exuberant colours! Spring is in the air!

These clients loved the clean lines and intricate, understated details of the Devdas Mandap. We went with “grand, but not over-the-top”, which is actually our signature look. We accentuated the structure with hanging lanterns and flower strings, and designed a secondary backdrop with romantic swags and rich fabrics. They got the “White Carpet Treatment” (not a real thing) for the aisle, which we lined with curvaceous lanterns with pillar candles. The entrance of the aisle was marked with two life-size elephants, bearing mustard-coloured flower strings on their backs. The gold Chiavari Chairs we provided gave the hall a lighter feel, particularly important with an event of this scale (600+ people).

We were so happy to have taken part in your ceremony M & B, and we wish you a bright future in wedded bliss!

- Dulhan Mandap Team

Some images courtesy of HRM Photography